Guest Speakers


Every show features continuous stage presentations throughout each day that are designed to both educate and entertain show attendees. Presentations typically include celebrity appearances, instructional seminars by local PGA professionals, trick-shot artists, long drive exhibitions, and many more.

Michael Breed

Michael is currently the Director of Instruction at the Michael Breed Golf Academy at Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point. Michael received the highest honor of his career when he was chosen as the PGA’s National Teacher of the Year 2012.  In 2003, he was selected as a Top 100 Instructor in America by GOLF Magazine. In 2011, Michael was voted into the Top 50 Instructors in America by Golf Digest, now ranking 13th on this exclusive list, and #1 in the state of New York.

In 2008, Michael became the host for The Golf Fix on Golf Channel. Michael also hosts A New Breed of Golf on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio where he covers the latest headlines around golf and offers listeners swing tips. In addition to all of this, Michael has worked with over 30 PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, Nationwide Tour and Senior Tour players.

Appearing Saturday only.

Brian Pavlet

In 1993, the golf world familiarized itself with a new prodigy in Brian Pavlet. After launching a 435 yard blast in Salt Lake City, Utah in a regional competition, Brian went to the National Long Drive Championship and won it all. Since winning he has not looked back. He has made a record eight “Final 8” appearances in the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship and has been the LDA’s most consistent performer the past decade. He held the #1 ranked position for more than 20 months and was featured in Golf Digest for having one of the best power swings in golf. Brian has performed more than 1,200 shows worldwide and even entertained the troops in Iraq with the USO. His engaging personality and performance make him one of golf’s premier showmen.

Appearing all three show days.


2:45   Mark Marshall, PGA
“How to Lower Your Scores with 25-75 yd Wedge Shots”

3:45   Brian Pavlet
           Professional Golf Entertainer

4:45   Steve Bosdosh, PGA
           “How to Gain Distance Without Swinging Faster or Harder”

5:45   Brian Pavlet
           Professional Golf Entertainer

6:45   Erika Larkin, PGA
           “A True Swing: Effortless Power and Consistency”





10:45  Brian Pavlet
            Professional Golf Entertainer

11:45  Michael Breed, PGA
            World Renown Golf Instructor

1:15    Middle Atlantic PGA
           Instructional Presentation

2:15    Brian Pavlet
            Professional Golf Entertainer

3:15    Michael Breed, PGA
            World Renown Golf Instructor

4:45    Roger Hatcher, PGA
“The Importance of Club Fitting”








10:45   Roger Hatcher, PGA
             “The Importance of Club Fitting”

11:45   Brian Pavlet
             Professional Golf Entertainer

12:45  Bobby Lopez, PGA
             “How to Recognize Your Swing Faults EARLY Using Technology”

1:45    Brian Pavlet
            Professional Golf Entertainer

2:45    Middle Atlantic PGA
            Instructional Presentation